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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Scary Chinese Chicken Nugget Connection

What country would allow chickens to be raised and slaughtered in their homeland, then shipped to China for processing into chicken nuggets and shipped back home for consumption? If you are thinking some Third World country without the nugget making technology, guess again. It’s the good old USA, and those chicken nuggets will be showing up in fast food eateries and on grocery store shelves WITHOUT any labeling indicating that they have been to China and back.
Scary? I sure think so.  And to add to it, this Chinese-processed chicken will not even be subject to USDA inspections!
China is the same country where tainted baby formula has killed hundreds of babies, and dog food imported from there has killed at least 500 dogs in this country and sickened countless others in the last few years. The food safety issues regarding China's food handling practices have been a major concern for over a decade, and in this case there will be no safeguards in place to differentiate these nuggets from domestic sources. So the question is, would you let your kids eat chicken nuggets that were processed from a source that can't even get dog treats right!
Two petitions have been started. One petition is to at least have the chicken labeled as coming from China, but is that really enough? Even if the nuggets were labeled, you can bet it would be in very small print on the back of the package someplace. Another reinstates a ban on processed poultry products from China.
Let’s just assume for a second that none of the toxic chemicals or non-food products the Chinese are infamous for adding to their food products have been added to the chicken nuggets headed back to the U.S. Can it really save money to ship the chickens halfway around the world and back? And meanwhile, somewhere in America plants that are now processing USDA-inspected chicken nuggets will close, putting many people here out of work.
What are you going to do about it?

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