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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What could you do with a roll of tape or a used map?

Some people race through life rarely seeing anything that's not right smack in front of them. 

Others wander around noticing little details and dreaming of the possibilities of transforming everyday objects into something new and innovative.  

I'm in awe of the creativity of people who repurpose rolls of tape, spools of thread, used maps, stubby used pencils and other commonplace things into stunning works of art. 

That's why Creative Greed may be my new favorite website. Everyday the site features works of art created by artists who inspire me to look differently at the world around me. People like Amsterdam artist Max Zorn who uses utilitarian packaging tape for much more than wrapping or repairing. Zorn transforms tape into extraordinary pictures.  

Then there is artist Ed Fairburn who sees more than roads, rivers and cities in maps. He creates detailed portraits from the hidden typographical features. Think about that the next time you're figuring out the shortest route between two places.

For this new year, I plan to recycle stuff into more creative objects rather than tossing away in the big gray recycle bin.  

What creative outlet are you going to explore in 2013?

~ Paula

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