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Friday, January 11, 2013

The News Diet

Are you a nibbler, a grazer or someone who likes to sit down and have a full course meal? Sounds like I’m talking about food but what I’m referring to is the way Americans are consuming news today.

The perception is that there’s an influx – an overflowing of news coming at you through multiple channels: newspapers, magazines, online newsrooms, social networking sites, television, radio, text messages, emails, blogs and mobile applications. But what does it really look like for those of us who crave in-depth, factual news?

In the past years, the rise of digital media has remodeled the media landscape with many newspapers shrinking their staffs and moving subscriptions to online. The result is a nibble/graze menu that doesn’t allow for in-depth news coverage, and not surprising, results in reduced news consumption because of the lack of options for local and comprehensive news.

But for news hogs among us, there some refreshing news. Aaron Kushner announced that he’s expanding the Orange County Register because there’s value in journalism. During a time of technology saturation, it’s a defiant move and something I hope to see succeed.  Interestingly, I do appreciate that people are continuously finding new ways to get the news to you, like the one where the Associated Press will provide news updates on restaurant receipts. Goofy or brilliant? What do you think?


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