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Monday, January 21, 2013

Click ‘Like’ If You like Cute Kittens

How many times has a picture of kittens, or something like that, popped up on your Facebook page? A cute kitten or the darling video of a baby laughing – who can resist?

And how can there be any down side to just showing your friends that you have a soft heart? What could possibly be wrong with that? Well, before you click ‘Like’ on your Facebook page again, here are a couple of things you should know.

First off, Facebook fan pages can be changed or renamed. You can also pass ownership of your page to another. So what's wrong with that?  How about if it changed from the “I Love Kittens” page to the “I Love Hitler” page? Overnight you’ve gone from loving kittens to Hitler.

But it even gets more interesting. Let’s say you are a new business and you’re convinced that the path to success is with a Facebook fan page.  You set a goal to have a Facebook fan page with half a million fans by the end of the week. Impossible? Not if you do what any capitalist would do – you buy it. Yes, you buy an existing fan page and make it your own. One owner/creator of a fan page with over 800,000 fans was reportedly offered $13,000 for his page.  So just as easy as changing the “I Love Kittens” page to “I Love Hitler” page, it can become the “Acme Pizza Company” fan page.

So you might want to think twice before you click ‘Like,’ and perhaps check your Facebook page to see all the fan pages you’ve liked in the past. You never know, you might find Hitler smiling back at you from that list.

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