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Friday, December 28, 2012

Fodder for Holiday Party Small Talk

Running out of small talk at this year’s holiday parties? Arm yourself with a clever fact about that glass of bubbly you’re carrying around. According to the people in the know at, there are approximately 44 million bubbles in a single bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne.
Champagne flutes are also made with small notches or “rough glass” inside the bottom to produce even more bubbles. Pouring correctly also guarantees maximum bubbles. The key is to tilt the glass to its side so the champagne will hit the side of the glass. Reducing the speed at which the champagne hits the base of the glass helps maintain the bubbly texture.
Happy holidays from everyone at Brown Miller Communications!

Friday, December 21, 2012

"C" Is for Christmas Cookies

Every holiday season my thoughts turn to cookies. What better way to get into the spirit of the season than by sharing buttery good, Danish-style cookies with friends and family? Having grown up in a little Danish community in southwestern Minnesota, I was steeped in the many wonderful traditions my ancestors carried with them from Denmark. One of my favorites was when my mother, as would all the ladies in town, baked up several different kinds of cookies to serve to visitors during the holidays, along with endless cups of coffee.

Though I have lived in California for many years, I have carried on the tradition of baking Christmas cookies. Soon after Thanksgiving, I gather my favorite family recipes and prepare a shopping list. After a marathon baking effort, I mail off boxes of cookies to friends and family who now live far away and deliver some myself to those who live nearby. Each year the list of recipients grows, and those who have been on the list for years fully expect to receive a plate or tin of cookies every Christmas, so I must be doing something right. And though I sometimes think that this will be the last year for all that cookie baking, when the next Yuletide rolls around, I’m busy pulling out the baking pans and firing up the oven.

And though it’s a lot of work to make all those cookies, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them. And so I hope you, too, are enjoying your favorite holiday traditions as well.

 Happy Holidays!