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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Passion for PR Continues After 25 Years
Last week, Brown∙Miller Communications marked its 25th anniversary with a tour of the past, celebration of the present (in true BMC fashion – loads of food and wine) and a look into the future. The day was filled with favorite stories, and laughter could be heard blocks away as we tripped down memory lane. Eventually, the tables turned, and Mike Miller took the hot seat, giving us an opportunity to ask our “commander-in-chief” what it’s like to be in the business for 25 years:

BMC: What made you decide to start Brown∙Miller Communications with Nancy  Brown instead of working for another agency?

MM: (Chuckling) Pure stupidity. Honestly, we were young and saw a real opportunity to make this happen. Nancy and I were good at what we did. We felt confident we could duplicate what we did at our old job, and we went for it. 

BMC: What did you learn from your 25 years in the [public relations] business?

MM: Hmmm…this is not something I sit down and think about all the time. The one thing I do know after 25 years is that the principles of public relations are constant and unchanging. The tools (and he rambles on about pica poles, 8.5” floppy disks and newspapers) are changing faster than ever, but what we do to communicate ideas, rally constituencies and message effectively remains the same. Other firms have great, if temporary, success chasing the latest communication tools, but our commitment to the basics is the foundation that lets us be innovative, flexible and evolutionary without falling down the rabbit hole.

BMC: And who is your favorite employee?

Just kidding. We didn’t really ask him that last question, but the passion that Mike demonstrates for the work we do is inspirational and keeps us wanting to go for another 25. He followed his passion, leaped into a new venture, hit a few bumps along the road (and who hasn’t) and last week looked back on a long list of accomplishments, many of which have fundamentally improved the lives of Californians.  All of this reminded our team of the possibilities for the future with the right PR team turning the wheel.

Happy 25th Anniversary to BMC, and may the passion for PR continue to burn!


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Nancy D. Brown said...

Okay, so I'm a little late to the party. Better late than never showing up, right? Congratulations to Mike Miller and Brown Miller Communications on celebrating 25 years in the public relations business. What a trip!