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Friday, January 6, 2012

Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for the PR pro:

Chances are you’ve said something like “Wow, where did the year go?” Stop it. It’s gone. Move on. Here’s a list of ideas to improve YOU (me) in 2012.

10. Go to bed
You’re not smart when you’re tired. Go to bed.

9. Drink less coffee
You didn’t go to bed so you’re compensating with coffee? Stop shaking, it’s hard to type!

8. Eat less cake
That’s not lunch, that’s a coma.

7. Get influential media coverage
Oprah’s show is over (for now), you should be fine.

6. Understand what an email is saying in less than 3 reads
Sometimes it’s not your fault. But it is.

5. Write more lists
People love lists.

4. Get good at writing and stuff
Well said.

3. Wait 10 minutes before checking email, Facebook and Twitter
Chances are nothing happened. And if it did, it can wait 10 minutes.

2. Read more articles
Knowledge is power.

1. Read more fiction, listen to more music and look at more art
This is where writing skills, intellect and innovative ideas truly come from, not Google analytics.

Happy New Year!

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Patrick Cavanaugh said...

This is a really great Blog! Very creative and lighthearted. Thanks for the posts!

Patrick Cavanaugh