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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Comparing Social Media Tools

Recently, one of our clients wanted to get our counsel on how they should join the social media ecosystem. After telling them about the new ways for them to connect with their audiences and share their messages, we created an appropriate strategy based on their resources, audiences and goals. Not every social media tool or network is right for every client, and we want to make sure that we match them up appropriately.

I have created a chart to help with determining the best social media network or tool to use for your audience with information on Facebook, LinkedIn, NING, Twitter, Four Square, YouTube and Flickr. Obviously there are tons more out there, but these sites come up most frequently in client conversations. At a quick glance, you can see what popular social networking sites are, audience demographics, how individuals use the site, how companies use the site, what the site is best for and some general comments.

I hope this helps other people out there as they explore social media tools and networking sites to include in their social media plan.

~ Nicole

Click on the image for a larger view.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I didn't win Mega Millions so I have to write this blog

I was supposed to be skiing right now, not at my usual Tahoe resort, but in the Swiss Alps. Then my friends were going to fly out and meet me in Monaco on my new yacht. We'd enjoy having drinks in the sun and only go to shore to do a little gambling (because I'd need to win more money). Instead, I'm writing this blog.

Well, some lucky person in Idaho and another in Washington had to win the second biggest Mega Millions ever and spoil all of our fun. Sure, they'll have to split it, but I think I could have survived off half of that estimated $380 million.

We're all looking for that chance to make it big. Of course, some awful person will come by and try to put you down by explaining how great the odds are against you to win the lotto. Really? Thanks for the breaking news. But there's always someone who will say that to you no matter what you're trying to do.

Sometimes just buying that ticket can create a mini vacation in your head, allowing you to be a dreamer and imagine all the possibilities, something we don't take the time to do enough. Well, let's keep dreaming. Let's think of what we want. Let's just put a little more effort into a practical way of achieving such goals. When someone says "you can't," take the lotto player's mottos of "there's a chance" or "can't win it unless you're in it" and apply them towards real life. Now that's a New Year's resolution we could all use.

Also, buy a lottery ticket... just in case.