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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Five Minutes vs. Five days. Can you Afford to Be Sick?

Flu season is here, and it won’t be long before coughs and sneezes become the common background sound for offices, schools and workplaces. The most fool-proof and easiest way of bringing the flu to a screeching halt is for everyone to spend five minutes to get vaccinated.

Contra Costa County is making a concerted effort to make that the rule rather than the exception. The health department launched a full-scale campaign to stop the spread of the flu by working in partnership with local clinics and child care providers – two professions that have the greatest contact with traditional flu carriers: children and the sick.
The “Five Minutes vs. Five Days” campaign makes the point that it is easier to take a short break to get vaccinated than risk being sick with the flu for five or more days. You can see all the material that was developed for child and health care workers to educate themselves and the people they care for, including a lively performance of “Bad Case of Havin’ the Flu” by local doctor Alan Siegel and his band.

Why the push for flu vaccinations? There’s a host of good reasons, but for anyone worried about protecting themselves, their families, friends and coworkers, a quick flu shot is the best protection out there. Getting vaccinated reduces your chance of catching the flu by 70-90 percent.

You may think that getting the flu isn’t that big of a deal, but don’t forget how it can keep you in bed for days on end. Aches and pains aside, you also have to consider the lost time away from work – unscheduled, unplanned and always inconvenient. This can take a major bite out of your income, vacation time and the enjoyable things you had planned.

This isn’t the year to accept excuses. Get vaccinated and stop the spread of the flu before it has a chance to start.

~ Nicole