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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

40 Deadliest Fast Food Meals

A co-worker sent around a link to an online article about the 40 Deadliest Fast Food Meals.

I immediately had to open the article to see how many of the deadly offerings I’ve eaten. Turns out I’ve only eaten two and both were French fries that made the list mainly due to the portion size. (So I guess if you get the small fries you are safe.)

But as I’m going through the list I had to ask myself, “What has driven Americans to want to order a sandwich that is composed mainly of 3 slabs of hamburger, with 3 layers of bacon matched with 3 slices of cheese?” Can it really taste that good? Or is it the billions of dollars in advertising that the fast food giants spend each year that entices us to order such artery clogging creations?

A couple of years back my wife and I changed our ordering habits whenever we eat at a fast food place. Yes – we do on occasion eat fast food. Anyway – I order a meal that comes with whatever burger or sandwich I want with a regular drink and fries (my drink is often unsweetened ice tea) and she gets the single item she wants. We then share the drink and fries. We eat less, spend less and feel better after the meal.

Try it sometime. You might be surprised at how little it takes to satisfy your hunger.



Anonymous said...

Good advice! We eat "fast food" regularly. But by that I mean that when I take my two toddlers to McDonalds, we order Happy Meals with their desired sandwich, substitute apples for the fries and choose milk instead of pop. I realized that there's more than enough food for me in a Happy Meal, too, so that's what I order! Only $3.99 and enough to satisfy a 37-year-old.

Anonymous said...

Happy Meals - they aren't just for kids anymore!