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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Making Money Off Tweets

A friend of mine told be about this article he read, Stars Get Paid to Tweet

He then ranted and raved about how some bimbo starlet was getting up to $10,000 for each tweet she wrote.

“What’s the world coming to?!” he asked.

I said, “You aren’t really mad, you are just jealous you can’t do it too.”

He said, “Hell, you’re right – that gal is a genius!”

Once again proving that America is a great place to live and Twitter is just another example of how anything can be turned into a money-making opportunity. To anyone reading this - I'll only charge $100 per tweet.



What a Trip said...

Hey Ken,
I get paid to tweet, but not $100 per tweet. I have over 3,800 followers.

By the way, I see that I am following you, but BMC is not following me. You're missing out on great travel tweets.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! May all your tweets be profitable ones.