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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Less Sugar in Kids' Cereal

Good news . . . General Mills is lowering the sugar content in several of the cereals they market to kids. Though they’re not cutting the sugar in all of the cereals popular with kids, it’s a good start. Maybe at some future date they’ll see fit to reduce the sugar in all their cereals to a more acceptable level. More good news is that General Mills has also stated that they will not use artificial sweeteners in place of the sugar. Our children don’t need to ingest any more harmful chemicals.

Some “experts” don’t think this is a “big deal,” but if the breakfast food industry continues to take these small steps, over time their actions will result in major changes in the contents of breakfast cereals and how they are marketed to children. Kids might even come to prefer cereals that are less sweet. And in time, this slow and steady progress will bring a healthier product to the breakfast table.

Additionally, the Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity says that kids who eat cereals high in sugar consume twice as much as those who eat low-sugar products. Portion size is another positive step in helping to curb the obesity epidemic we’re experiencing in this country. All in all, General Mills is taking a step in the right direction. We just need to see more of these steps in the future.



Slamdunk said...

Agreed, that this is a good thing.

It is a difficult change for parents looking for a sweet snack in a bowl of Lucky Charms...

reyah said...

Wow thanks for this, a very healthy snack for my nephew.