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Friday, October 16, 2009

Does News Jump the Shark?

It was difficult to avoid the coverage of the 6-year old Colorado boy who was found yesterday, after he mistakenly went missing and authorities were led to believe he floated away in a Mylar balloon. It was a terrible thought and pleasant relief to know he was found safe and alive.

What's striking me as a bit inappropriate is the constant news coverage that has continued the last 24 hours since he has been found. Stories from his disappearance being a hoax to the child getting sick on live TV.

News is important and should be informative, keeping the public aware of what is happening. But when does news cross the point and become pointless and unnecessary? It seems a bit overkill to have a story published on when a child vomits on national TV.


1 comment:

Brown Miller Communications (BMC) said...

Here, here! Wouldn't it be refreshing to spend those media resources covering real issues (Health Care, Iranian nukes, even local city hall politics). Sadly, we all seem to crave sensational human interest over analysis of issues that truly shape our lives. Maybe we should send a few publishers up in the balloon!