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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The future of food labels

Reposted from Fooducate:
If the smell from the supermarket bakery or deli department isn't enough to crank up your hunger and open up your wallet, here’s what the future has in store for you:

Peter Harrop, IDTechex chairman, said that printed electronics are emerging that will engage more of the human senses. “Future labels will be able to sense when a consumer is near and emit an aroma such as coffee to encourage them to purchase the product.”

He added that the next generation of printed electronics will also include reusable, reconfigurable and programmable labels, some of which are responsive and interactive such as moving color pictures.
I'm sure the fast food and soda industries are over this one.

~ Nicole

1 comment:

Ah ha! I found it! said...

Sounds like that movie where all the ads were talking to Tom Cruise! Seems like the consumer is going to need a better suit of armor for shopping in the future...
Jackie Richardson