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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who wants a simple tool to help them build a healthy diet?

I just read about a recent survey of 1,019 adults in the United States that indicates public health campaigns should focus on the total nutrient value of food.

The survey (commissioned by Nutrient Rich Foods Coalition) showed that 61 percent of respondents were interested in learning about both the positive nutrients and the nutrients they should limit when they are trying to select healthy foods. And, 78 percent of survey participants said they are looking for a simple, practical tool that would help them build a healthy diet based on getting the most nutrients from their food choices.

Some interesting statistics to keep in mind, especially with Yum! Brand's announcement of putting calorie-labeled menu boards up in all their U.S. restaurants and not just California. Hooray for change not taking place at a snail's pace for once!

~ Nicole


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