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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Menu Labeling: the info we need!

Look, if I want to know how much an item costs at Starbucks or McDonald's I look up on the menu board. The next thing I care about is how many calories I'm tossing down. Why shouldn't I be able to look up at the same menu board for that info?

For years I've been grabbing the "low-fat" items, which was the closest thing to nutrition information available. With menu labeling, however, we now know how radically different"low-fat" and "low calorie" are. So, to play off of Clara Peller's old Wendy's standard, my question to chain restaurants is: Where's the Calories?!

Hip-hip-horray for New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Santa Clara. Simple, obvious legislation that helps us make wise decisions.

And to the folks who feel "bad" when they see this information -- please don't breed!

What's your opinion? Chime in on this MSNBC poll:



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CookedApple RD said...

I think that we all need to brace ourselves for more shocks as we begin to see nutrition facts on menus and company web sites. As a dietitian that provides restaurants with nutrition analysis ( I am continuously shocked by the amount of calories in the dishes served in restaurants. The liberating point is that this information is available, and we have the power to make decisions about what we order and how much of it we chose to eat. Because this information is required in some areas it is forcing many restaurants to reformulate, giving us more choices.